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Business is a process, and information processing and connection is a critical part of that process. But many business processes have or need a human element, and this is where the value of our experience and IT knowledge can be invaluable.

First we had mainframes, running bespoke software very costly, and forcing people and businesses to work around the system. Then came the PC desktop, and information started to become democratised capability and info were in the users workspace. Now we have power in handheld devices that is more than enough to run common tasks, and the immense power and value in big data - the ability of search engines and social media to produce almost magical results in revealing personal trends and directions.

Many businesses will have started with accounting and business processes on spreadsheets, migrating to accounting software and bespoke packages for factory management or production, then struggling to connect the dots getting even basic information from one system another can be difficult.

Often these systems have been costly to purchase, costly to train and adjust to, and costly to support, meaning the true value of the system was sometime marginal, and businesses carried on with it because there was really no option returning to traditional methods just didn't cut it in today's world.

The really good news is that there are things happening in the IT world that are changing it forever, largely for the better.

  • Firstly, OpenSource Software - the extraordinary growth of the Android platform and Linux based systems coming of age is dealing a death blow to the idea that opensource software is somehow inferior, and possibly to the software purchase business model as well.
  • Secondly, Connectivity the availability of data on the go and in the office/home is beginning to make network based work accessible at low cost
  • Thirdly, the inexorable improvement in device capability and cost according to Moore's law underpins this huge sea change in user experience.

What does all this mean - We look at your business processes, your staff, and your technology. It's hard to see the wood for trees sometimes but an overall view of your organisation's methodology from outside can be hugely rewarding.

Sometimes there are ways to do the same thing you are paying handsomely for, literally without cost. Or techniques for repurposing existing systems to give you a break from your equipment budget for a year. Security practices that have been passed by through time can threaten your entire information estate, and have serious legal consequences. Even if the result confirms that all is well it is only due diligence to establish this.

Our background is in cost effective cross discipline strategies that work for people in systems engineering, human environment, even saving life, the Stream brand has results and experience that you can draw on to hone your competitive edge in today's white-water world the most changed and challenging (but potentially rewarding) business environment in living memory.